All tracking fees are HIGHLY negotiable. Here’s the catch- you have to provide the space, and I would rather you lived in Grass Valley/Nevada City/Colfax area. Also, I really am only equipped to handle small demo projects, such as one guitar/one or two vocals.

Now, for mixing/mastering. This is a lot more of my forte right now, since I don’t have as much outboard equipment as I’d like. Basically, you would send your unmixed tracks to me, and I would get them spiffed up and ready to be released. It’s amazing how much difference you can make in the mixing stage- Remember that the quality of the final mix will depend on the quality of the original recordings- don’t expect me to give you perfect CD quality stuff you recorded your tracks with a $10 computer mic from Walmart. I might be able to get close, but yeah. My mixing services are entirely free. Free, that is, unless it costs me money to do this. For example, if you had a specific plugin/soft synth you wanted me to use, you would have to foot the bill for that. Otherwise, just shoot me an email, we’ll figure out particulars, you can send me the tracks, and I’ll send them back to you spiffed up and ready to be burned on CD’s for your shows, or put on myspace, or whatever you like.

All business you do with me will be in writing!


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